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Сutting-edge blockchain visualization technology and crypto AML risk-scoring solutions

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    Automated risk assessment, in-depth reports, and analytics on cryptocurrency transactions for compliance needs and transaction filtering


    Suspicious activity detection and notification system that prevents the acceptance of “dirty coins” from the dark web, hacks, scams, and other illegal sources.


    Tracing cryptocurrency assets in the act of cyberattacks, identifying money laundering methods and fraud actors in order to block and return stolen funds


    Training program for compliance officers to gain a deeper understanding of the basic principles of blockchain analytics and AML fundamentals with the GL toolset



    We enable agencies to supervise crypto market players in order to prevent illegal activity, apply GL instruments to perform large-scale investigations, and gather forensic evidence on blockchain.

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    With Global Ledger, blockchain startups and fintech companies can implement KYT practices for cryptocurrency assets, comply with FATF guidelines, and protect their businesses from regulatory risks using GL technologies.

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    With Global Ledger’s services, financial institutions can open up the possibilities of crypto assets for their clients in full compliance with the highest AML/СTF standards, using the GL toolset.

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GL monitoring

GL Monitoring is a real-time risk-scoring solution for instant source of funds tracking, including monitoring all addresses and incoming entity transactions to ensure that an immediate alert is sent in the event of a critical AML case

GL Vision

GL Vision is a blockchain transaction visualization tool that allows users to verify sources of funds, traсe cryptocurrency assets in cyberattack cases, and investigate large-scale cyber crimes or hacks based on a unique GL database without limitations.


  • 180K

    Average number of AML checks conducted daily by GL

  • 500ms

    Average request speed to get the source of funds and

    find the GL risk score

  • 1000+

    Digital assets that are currently supported by GL

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    Research Sep 25, 2023
    Beyond Bitzlato: Who Is Next in Line for Sanctions? 

    After Bitzlato sanctioned, Global Ledger predicts the top 5 exchanges that might be dancing too close to the flames.

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    Press releases Aug 04, 2023
    Blockchain Analytics Toolset and Built-in Risk Scoring to Strengthen AML Compliance: Global Ledger and Forge a Strategic Partnership

    Geneva, Switzerland – Global Ledger is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with, a licensed European cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Cyprus. With the global acceleration of cryptocurrency adoption, leading crypto exchanges such as are witnessing significant growth in crypto trading volumes. However, as consumer access to cryptocurrency expands, there is a pressing need […]

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    Regulation Jun 29, 2023
    MiCA Regulation: What is this and why does it matter?

    In recent years, the world has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies. As this digital revolution continues to reshape financial landscapes,  we have witnessed a series of significant events, including the downfall of FTX, the Luna-Terra Crisis, the persistent presence of Hydra’s Darknet Marketplace, and more. In response to these […]

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The Global Ledger is a crypto aml compliance toolset that allows government agencies, banks, fintech companies and crypto startups to access AML risk assessment, surveillance, and investigations for blockchain-based assets.

The clients often use GL instruments to work with such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. All tokens created in the Ethereum blockchain are supported too. Stay tuned for the system updates!

Risk score calculation is based on the analysis of the sources of funds received to the wallet address you are checking, the types of these funds, their tags, as well as the AML risks of all counterparties. The score is a value from 0 to 100, which is needed to show the degree of risk. The GL system considers a risk score of 0 as the lowest risk and a risk score of 100 as the highest risk.

The GL regularly collects and constantly analyzes publicly available information, opened data from the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, replenishes the internal information base by conducting its own investigations, as well as purchases data from reliable vendors.

The GL support team stays in touch with you 24/7 in order to provide GL clients with the most comfortable service and experience in case of unexpected hacks or cyber attack situations. Please send your request with a brief description of your case to and our support manager will reach you shortly.

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