Investigate and get your stolen crypto back

The GL team implements a custom approach to each case and
coordinates with law firms to safeguard your legal rights.

Start Recovery
Four steps for a smooth recovery process
Step 1 Fill out the form

Once you provide information, our team will start an investigation.

Step 2 Get an estimation and sign the contract

We explore all options to get your funds back and offer you signing the contract to start the recovery process.

Step 3 Receive data for asset recovery

Our team will send you a report necessary for the next steps in court.

Step 4 Get your crypto back

Our report will help you begin legal actions to get your funds back with help from the police, your lawyers, or GL's legal partners.

Provide as much data as possible

To recover funds, we need details from you. Please give us all the information you can.

    Screenshot or other evidence supporting the claim (e.g., emails, chat logs, etc.)

    Need legal support?
    Your questions answered here
    A claim offers a chance to get your assets back. It also allows us to label the address connected to hack or other illicit activity. It is crucial to help prevent similar incidents in the future.
    Yes. It depends on different factors, such as the type of crime and the actions taken after it. Promptly reporting the issue and providing as many details as possible can increase the chances of tracing the stolen assets.
    It is possible in most cases, especially with the advanced technology and methods. GL analyzes transaction records and monitors the blockchain to trace the movement of stolen assets. This significantly improves the chances of recovering funds even after time has passed.
    We use advanced technology to improve the chances of getting funds back. However, we can’t guarantee that crypto will be returned because blockchain technology and legal rules are complex and can change. If we can't recover the funds, we'll give you a full report on our efforts. Our fees are set to match your interests, driving us to succeed.
    It is challenging because crypto transactions are irreversible and pseudonymous. Additionally, fraudsters often use sophisticated techniques, such as mixing, to hide their tracks.
    Yes, we provide a legitimate service. Law enforcement, organizations, and businesses worldwide trust GL’s blockchain expertise. This includes the United Nations, German, Swedish, Estonian, and Ukrainian Cyber Police. We collaborate with legal partners, but you can ask for assistance from law enforcement or your legal attorney.
    Absolutely. We prioritize confidentiality. Your information is securely managed and disclosed only to parties directly involved in the recovery process.
    The laws and regulations for crypto are complex and vary in different countries. Professionals can explain you regional laws and help start an official investigation. Additionally, legal professionals help protect your rights.

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