Global Ledger Monitoring

Real-time risk scoring solution for crypto assets

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Unique Database

GL's daily updated database has more than 250 million known addresses, including both illegal services such as darknet markets, scams, and ransomware, as well as legitimate and licensed services like banks, financial institutions, crypto exchanges, and mining pools.

Real-time score updates

In order to keep the AML risk status data relevant, GL Monitoring constantly recalculates the risk score derived from each new transaction in the block related to the tracked addresses.

Detailed risk reports

GL's detailed insights include all deposits made on a specific wallet address and a deep segmentation of the entities related to it; this allows you to identify AML risks in receiving and sending exposure.

Immediate fraud alerts

Receive suspicious activity detection and access to a notification system that helps prevent the acceptance of "dirty coins" from the dark web, as well as hacks, scams, and other illegal sources.

A few reasons why choose GL Monitoring

  • 01 Speed

    Receive address risk score updates in less than a second

  • 02 Security

    Keep all significant information about the sources private

  • 03 Scale

    Monitor millions of addresses simultaneously

  • 04 Ease of use

    Integrate API and upload the list of addresses all in the same day

Api / NO API

Use GL Monitoring online opportunities or create a seamless integration with your platform for an instant source of funds tracking from your sources list in real time.

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