Global Ledger and the Council of Europe to Support Ukraine’s Fight Against Financial Crimes
Global Ledger and the Council of Europe

Global Ledger is excited to announce a new training initiative in collaboration with the Council of Europe. This project aims to equip the Security Service of Ukraine with advanced skills for investigating money laundering and terrorist financing crimes involving virtual assets. 

The three-day training session was designed to provide basic-level instruction to representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, offering them the tools and knowledge needed to tackle the complex challenges of financial crimes in the digital age.

“The Council of Europe demonstrates its dedication to keeping financial systems secure and up-to-date with the latest challenges, and we are proud to work alongside the Council on this important project,” said Lex Fisun, CEO of Global Ledger. “It’s a great honor and opportunity for us to apply our blockchain analytics expertise where it can really make a difference. By supporting Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen its financial crime investigations, we are taking a practical step towards a safer, more transparent financial system. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact this training will have.”

The training is part of the broader EU/CoE Partnership for Good Governance III Project, focusing on enhancing Ukraine’s capabilities in anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and asset recovery.

This collaboration highlights Global Ledger’s commitment to using its technological expertise for the greater good, supporting efforts to improve financial security and combat crime at an international level.

About Global Ledger

Global Ledger is a blockchain forensic startup that assists government agencies, banks, fintech companies, and crypto startups in following obligatory AML/CTF compliance rules for crypto assets. 

About the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe, representing 46 member states and over 700 million citizens, is committed to promoting democracy, human rights, and the rule of law throughout Europe. With a focus on supporting Ukraine against aggression and ensuring accountability and justice, the Council sets standards, monitors compliance, and collaborates with states on various critical issues. These include combating violence, discrimination, and corruption, protecting freedoms, and promoting democratic values and environmental sustainability. Through its work, the Council of Europe strives to maintain and enhance the continent’s integrity and democratic principles.