Global Ledger Joins CryptoUK to Develop Pro-Crypto Environment
Global Ledger Joins CryptoUK

Geneva, Switzerland

Global Ledger is thrilled to announce joining CryptoUK, an association of leading companies in the crypto space. 

The partners will work on improving industry standards and enhancing transparency and safety for all the industry players. 

Su Carpenter, Executive Director of CryptoUK: “As a new member of CryptoUK, Global Ledger joins a collective effort to position the UK as one of the world leaders in responsible crypto innovation. Together, we can work with policymakers to establish balanced regulations that support both industry growth and a secure environment for consumers.”

Lex Fisun, Global Ledger’s co-founder: “Global Ledger is not just participating in the crypto industry. Our mission includes forging a partnership with regulators. Together, we will help craft a framework that will become a game-changer for the industry.”  

About Global Ledger

Global Ledger provides cutting-edge blockchain analysis to ensure seamless AML/CTF compliance for crypto-involved businesses. We empower banks, fintechs, and startups to operate confidently within the regulatory landscape.

About CryptoUK

CryptoUK is the trade body representing the digital asset sector in the UK, working directly with policymakers & market participants to develop balanced regulatory and governance policies in the UK and Europe.