Global Ledger Joins GCFFC to Foster Secure and Compliant Financial Ecosystem
Global Ledger Joins GCFFC

Geneva, Switzerland

Global Ledger is excited to announce it has become a Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime (GCFFC) member. We are honored to become a member of a leading organization and contribute to combating illicit financial activities worldwide. 

GL joins the Europe Regional Chapter and Digital Assets Working Group as a new organization member. Global Ledger is committed to actively participating in the efforts to combat illicit activities in the financial industry and to uphold regulatory standards by:

  • Enhancing identifying and counteracting financial crimes with advanced blockchain analytics 
  • Providing actionable insights regarding crypto investigations to reinforce the coalition’s potential in tackling financial criminality 
  • Enhancing technological readiness by providing blockchain analytical tools and innovative strategies to address emerging threats in this domain.
  • Collaborating with the Coalition members by sharing expertise and research to further improve the regulatory landscape in relation to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

“Criminals exploiting cryptocurrency pose a worldwide threat. By joining the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, we are making a commitment to stand together with our partners and use our expertise to turn the tide. A collective endeavor will help ensure a safer crypto and the entire financial space for its participants,” Lex Fisun, Global Ledger’s co-founder, emphasized.

“The primary purpose of the Coalition is to assemble both public and private practitioners to more effectively combat financial crime. Global Ledger has been identified as an organization whose mission aligns with this cause. There are clearly emerging risks in digital assets, and the GCFFC welcomes our newest member to join our efforts to create a more effective system to tackle these emerging risks while supporting innovation,” Che Sidanius, Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime Vice-Chair, said.

About Global Ledger

Global Ledger is a blockchain forensic startup that assists banks, fintech companies, and crypto startups in following obligatory AML/CTF compliance rules for crypto assets.

About the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime

Founded in 2018, the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime brings together organizations from the public sector, including law enforcement and policing, and the private sector, including banks and fintechs, think tanks, and not-for-profits, all committed to collaborating to make the fight against financial crime more effective.