Global Ledger partners with the Asset Recovery and Management Agency to prevent financial crime

Geneva, Switzerland: Global Ledger held a training course for the employees of The Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) of Ukraine on blockchain analysis.

The training course was aimed at increasing the effectiveness of countering the illegal use of digital assets, identifying and tracing assets during crime investigations, and gaining practical skills in on-chain analysis and identifying risky transactions.

This training forms part of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s (UNODC) project for law enforcement agencies, which focuses on the criminal risks associated with cryptocurrencies and provides tools to prevent and combat the criminal abuse of cryptocurrencies.

Similar training sessions are held for Ukrainian law enforcement and controlling authorities in connection with Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine to prevent the use of cryptocurrencies in criminal or terrorist activities, as well as preventing the use of cryptocurrencies to evade international sanctions.

About GL Protocol

Global Ledger is a blockchain forensic startup that assists banks, fintech companies, and crypto startups in following obligatory AML/CTF compliance rules for crypto assets.

About ARMA

The Asset Recovery and Management Agency is a special governmental body, authorized to formulate and implement state policy in the sphere of tracing, finding assets that are subject to seizure and that are aimed to be seized, as well as management of seized assets in criminal proceedings.