Global Ledger partners with The Digital Assets Task Force as part Of The Global Coalition To Fight Financial Crime

Geneva, Switzerland: Global Ledger joined the Digital Assets Task Force (DATF), a committee established by the Global Coalition To Fight Financial Crime (GCFFC). GCFFC was established in 2019 and includes members such as Interpol, Europol, and WEF.

As a participant in the Digital Assets Task Force, the GL Protocol team continues to enhance best practices in financial crime fighting in the digital assets industry. The aims of GL and DATF are fully aligned, as only reliable information, extensive cooperation between public and private stakeholders, and the sharing of best practices will allow us to trace, identify, and take countermeasures to mitigate threats on an international level. 

“We are glad for the opportunity to join DATF, and we will make every effort on our part to make digital assets a more hostile place for criminals, in particular, right now, those seeking to circumvent sanctions,” said Lex Fisun, co-founder of Global Ledger.

“Technology has been international from day one, while regulation remains national. Joining forces and sharing best practices between leading industry experts will continue to allow the financial crime fighter community to stay ahead of threats with ever-increasing technological complexity,” stated Michal Gromek, co-chair of DATF.

About GL Protocol

Global Ledger is a blockchain forensic startup that assists banks, fintech companies, and crypto startups in following obligatory AML/CTF compliance rules for crypto assets. 

About DATF

The Digital Assets Task Force is a working group of the Global Coalition To Fight Financial Crime that aims to coordinate efforts among the global industry leaders leading the fight against financial crime in the digital assets industry.